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I have a number of objects which are fairly simple data style classes with many attributes with getters and setters for each attribute... an example might be along the lines of:

private employee ()
   private String firstName();
    private String secondName();
    private boolean disabled();
    private int yearsInService();

    //various Getters and Setters
    public String getFirstName();
    public void setFirstName(String name);

    public boolean getDisabled();        
    public void setDisabled(boolean value);        

These classes are populated via OrmLite/SQLIte Some of these classes have 30 or 40 attributes. My intention is to display these attributes in a grid/list of some kind to the user - ideally something with a description column and a value column, and that the user be able to select any particular attribute modify the value. Possibly like the Preferences screen only these aren't preferences?

I've done a fair amount of searching and I'm not really getting a feel for the best solution at the moment. Should I be using Listview? It seems complex to get something like this set up.

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If you want to use the ListView OR Grid for INLINE Editing you may experience certain issues like discussed here.

So the best option is to populate the data in a ListView & when the user clicks to edit it, display a dialogue to them & provide the EDITING functionality there.

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