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Does anyone know how to replace all ocurences of '<\d+' regex with '\r\n<\d+', for example


should be transformed to



"> HELLO < asassdsa"

shuld be untouched

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>>> import re
>>> str = "<20"
>>> output = re.sub(r'<(?=\d)', r'\r\n<', str)
>>> output
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Why not go all the way and put the entire regex into the lookahead? – Tim Pietzcker Feb 8 '12 at 11:33
@Tim: That's what I thought. Also, maybe we shouldn't encourage the use of str as a variable name, although I always fail to find a better name :( – Niklas B. Feb 8 '12 at 11:48
import re
def replace(value):
  return re.sub(r'(<\d)', r'\r\n\1', value)

Or using lookahead:

import re
def replace(value):
  return re.sub(r'(?=<\d)', r'\r\n', value)
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