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I was playing with SuperWebSocket( and trying to make it work under shared hosting(i.e. port 80) as they don't allow other non standard ports. Is this possible to make it work on port 80? While I tried the server closes the connection. How to achieve that?

            <server name="SuperWebSocket"
                    ip="Any" port="80" mode="Async">
            <server name="SecureSuperWebSocket"
                    ip="Any" port="2012" mode="Sync" security="tls">
                <!--Please install the certificate to your trusted certificates store, the password is 'supersocket'-->
                <certificate filePath="localhost.pfx"
            <service name="SuperWebSocket"
                     type="SuperWebSocket.WebSocketServer, SuperWebSocket" />

enter image description here

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Try port 8080 ! – Stefan Steiger Feb 13 '12 at 11:06

No, you cannot bind a port which has been used.

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use wss://localhost:2012/ in your HTML requires a secure connection

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