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How would you be able to connect 2 users ( that are known and have a user account on my site) in a flex app together using rtmfp?

I have a simple flex game app where I want 2 users to be connected to each other. 
There is a simple SQL database in the background for storing the users, 
but after this I'm unable to figure out how I would connect the 2 users.

Some thoughts:

  • rtmfp generates a unique ID that you can use to connect 2 users together?

  • Im looking for a good tutorial info resource or an example app that demonstrates connecting 2 users, or just an explanation

Thanks for any help or insights


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I would suggest this post What are some methods that Flash apps can communicate with each other?

Adobe Cirrus is my recommendation. Good luck!

Adrian -- http://www.redcodelabs.com

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