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In .vimrc, there are several lines that look like:

let g:SuperTabDefaultCompletionType="<c-x><c-o>"

How do I inspect them inside Vim? Something to this effect:

:echom &g:SuperTabDefaultCompletionType

But that command results in an error:

E113: Unknown option: SuperTabDefaultCompletionType
E15: Invalid expression: &g:SuperTabDefaultCompletionType

How do I inspect these kinds of variables in Vim? Some plugins set some defaults which I need to inspect.

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To clarify: The & prefix in Vim allows you to treat the options of set commands as variables. This can be useful sometimes, especially in scripts. E.g., the following two commands are equivalent: set foldmethod=expr and let &foldmethod='expr'. The & simply allows you to access the "set command" option as a variable. See :h let-& for more. –  Herbert Sitz Feb 8 '12 at 18:00

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:echo g:SuperTabDefaultCompletionType

works fine. It gives an error if the variable isn't defined.

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Like lucapette wrote you can use :echo g:foo to inspect a variable. You can also use :let to see all defined variables and their values.

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See if this helps: Should give you some insight on how vim variables work, and you can check out chapter 20 as well if you have any difficulties inspecting them due to scope issues.

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