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I want to add a button in an existing pdf using itextsharp. I found examples to add text field but I am not able to get any example to add a button at a particular location in a pdf file.

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Use the PdfStamper to add a PushbuttonField to an existing PDF. Specify a position on a page, a name for the field, and the page number.

static void AddPushbuttonField(string inputFile, iTextSharp.text.Rectangle buttonPosition, string buttonName, string outputFile)
    using (PdfStamper stamper = new PdfStamper(new PdfReader(inputFile), File.Create(outputFile)))
        PushbuttonField buttonField = new PushbuttonField(stamper.Writer, buttonPosition, buttonName);

        stamper.AddAnnotation(buttonField.Field, 1);

You should also take a look at iText in Action. Chapter 8 has examples of creating a PushbuttonField and many of the different properties you can set.

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