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I have this following code for the dynamically loaded content, which works on desktop browsers but not on mobile devices.

First I call the dynamic content like this,which adds the items i want/order to a list:

this works on mobile

        $('li p').click(function(){

the list shows the item name,price,qty and an option to remove item from list. the code to remove goes like this:

this does not work on mobile






I got my solution. I had to use live() function as i had been calling elements dynamically and its working fine. Sorry, my bad. :P Any ways thank you all. :)

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What version of jQuery are you using? – Grim... Feb 8 '12 at 12:36

You would need to use JQueryMobile for the tap events. Clicks don't always work on touch screen

Just as an idea - you can chain the event handlers and handle click, taps, swipes etc.. together i.e.

function myClickHandler (e)
   //.. do work

$('li p').bind('click',myClickHandler)
          .bind('tap', myClickHandler)
          .bind('swipe', myClickHandler);

Therefore it is possible to cover off all kind of events at once. From JQuery 1.7 on you would use on not bind

Might help

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but my other onclick events are working fine on my mobile device. these $('document').ready(function(){ $('#ordered').draggable(); $('li p').click(function(){ $('#ordered').load('cart.php?action=add&id='; }); $('.details').click(function(){ //alert(; $('#details').load('details.php?detail_id='; }); $('#categories ul li').click(function(){ $('#booklist').load('db.php?id='; }); }); works properly. – SripadRaj Feb 9 '12 at 5:15
any ways i'll try chaining events and try will let you know. – SripadRaj Feb 9 '12 at 5:16

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