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This is how the user votes the current post that it is showing:


class VotesController < ApplicationController
  def vote_up
    @post = Post.find(params[:id])

    if @post.votes.exists?(:user_id => current_user.id)
      @notice = 'You already voted'
      @vote = @post.votes.create(:user_id => current_user.id, :polarity => 1)

    respond_to do |format|

This updates the total number of votes with Ajax:


<% unless @notice.blank? %>
  alert("<%= @notice %>");
<% end %>

<% unless @vote.blank? %>
  $('.post-<%=@post.id%> span.vote-count').html('<%= @post.votes.count %>');
  $('.post-<%=@post.id%> div.voted-user').html('<% @post.votes.each do |vote| %><%= link_to vote.user.username, vote.user %><% end %>');
<% end %>

This is the voting link in the show view:


<%= link_to "Vote Up", vote_up_path(@post), :remote => true, :class => "vote-up" %><br />

and the routing for the action:


get 'votes/:id/vote_up' => 'votes#vote_up', as: 'vote_up'

This is how all the posts are displayed in the index view:


<% @posts.each do |post| %>
    <h2>Title: <%= post.title %></h2>
    <p>Author: <%= post.user.username %></p>
    <p>Created At: <%= post.created_at %></p>
    <p>Content: <%= post.content %></p>
    <p>Votes: <%= post.total_votes %></p>
    <p>Comments: <%= post.comments_count %></p>
      <li><%= link_to 'Show', post %></li>
      <li><%= link_to 'Edit', edit_post_path(post) %></li>
      <li><%= link_to 'Destroy', post, confirm: 'Are you sure?', method: :delete %></li>
    <br />
  <% end %>

I would like to add the voting link in the index.html.erb view for each post or find a way of triggering the vote_up action for each post in the index view. Any suggestions to accomplish that?

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I think I must be totally missing the point here but why can't you just do the following within the block displaying each post?

<%= link_to "Vote Up", vote_up_path(post), :remote => true, :class => "vote-up" %>

Note that i'm using post not @post.

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In addition to that I guess you'll need to update the ID of your Total votes count element to contain the ID of the post so that your JS knows which <p> tag to update –  Nick Feb 8 '12 at 13:45
No you were not missing the point. Maybe my head wasn't clear because of playing with Rails conterminously for 3 days. Thanks! –  alexchenco Feb 8 '12 at 16:12
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