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I need to retrieve all activity stream from my profile, since it was created. The problem I'm facing is that I am able to get these information only for data from 01-01-2011.

If I try to get activities such as groups registrations or friendship creations older than that date, I obtain just posts that friends wrote on my wall and nothing more. Moreover I noticed that the same happens if I check it manually (by clicking "Older Posts").

Basically I run this query:

SELECT created_time, description, description_tags
FROM stream 
WHERE source_id = me() AND 
      created_time < '.$end.' AND created_time > '.$start.' 
LIMIT 1000

Can anyone help me to understand what is going wrong?

Is it possible that for some unknown reasons (at least for me) Facebook automatically removes activities stream older than a specific date?

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I think they're probably not storing older stuff from the stream. I believe they have a max limit as how many stream items per person. I know their FQL searching algorithm is really kinda wonky. Say you limit 10, the where clause can actually then remove some from that 10 and you'll only get back really 4 stream items. They talked about that on one of their blogs. –  DMCS Feb 8 '12 at 18:19
Thanks for your reply. So you are saying that there is absolutely no way to get these information..they are definitely lost.. –  marcosec Feb 10 '12 at 15:28
I don't know if "lost" is the right word. It's more like Facebook is limiting the amount of data it makes available for the Graph API (which I presume is a separate data store than the actual data used for their GUI for performance reasons) –  DMCS Feb 10 '12 at 16:19

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