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I would like to write a program in Java which takes pictures from an IP camera and sends (over ftp) it to a website, replacing an old image.

Does anyone know any libraries I can use for that task?

I think the main problem will be grabbing an image from IP camera and saving it as a JPEG. Basically I have never worked with cameras before. So I will be really grateful if someone can give me some tips.

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Besides JMF and OpenCV for Java, VLCJ, a Java binding to libVLC can also stream from an IP camera or even a web camera and save a snapshot of its stream in JPEG or PNG. After that is just a matter of finding the right FTP client Java library. – ecle Feb 8 '12 at 16:45

First you would have to figure out how to get the data from IP Camera you will be using. Good starting point can be found here:

Second, you should choose the library for ftp communication, this topic was discussed here: What Java FTP client library should I use?

Once you'll write smth which actually does something you can get back to SO and ask more specific questions.

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