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Is there an existing macro or plugin which will turn this

Config.MyData1 = Data++;
Config.MyData10 = Data++;
Config.MyData100 = Data++;
Config.MyData1000 = Data++;

into this?

Config.MyData1    = *Data++;
Config.MyData10   = *Data++;
Config.MyData100  = *Data++;
Config.MyData1000 = *Data++;

Using Delphi with GExpert I used to use "Align Line" (ctrl+alt+z). Is there a similar tool for Netbeans/MPLAB-X?

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I haven't seen any similar function in MPLABX. But you may try putting a tab character before the '=' using the replace function.

First, write a tabulation using tab key, and copy this. Then press 'CTRL+H' and replace all the requires '=' by ' ='.

(The wait space is a tab, it seems to be that it doesn't support writing \t for a tab).


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