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I have use cvSetImageRoi(img,cvRect(...)); but the ROI crop out is not as clear as we human can see on the original image. It's look like the ROI has been zoomed in. Is this correct?

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Nash Ruddin has some excellent articles on OpenCV that I've found very helpful. There's one on ROI as well that contains a decent blurb on the topic: OpenCV Region of Interest (ROI)

Essentially, you're right about what's going on. You've 'zoomed' in on the image to localise your processing to a specific area. It's not that setting an ROI has affected the image, it's only set a focus to a lower-resolution part of the image. After your processing on the area is finished, you can reset the ROI:


... and that will be a bit clearer to see again.

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thank you for the explanation.it make myself more clearer now. –  Mzk Feb 9 '12 at 4:00

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