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I have a WS (ZOPE/PLONE) that accept some XMLRPC calls.

So, I write a python snippet of code for do a call to WS and do something.

I follow messagge format that I found here, and that's my snippet of code:

import httplib

def queryInventory():
        xmlrpc_envelope = '<?xml version="1.0"?>'\

        params = '<EasyRAM>'\
             '<operation type="QueryInventory" rate="master"><date from="2012-03-10" to="2012-03-10" /><date from="2012-03-22" to="2012-03-22" /></operation>'\

        data = xmlrpc_envelope % params
        print data
        headers = {"Content-type": "text/xml"}
        conn = httplib.HTTPSConnection('myHost')
        aa = '/ws/xmlrpc/public/EasyRAM'
        conn.request("POST", aa, data, headers)
        response = conn.getresponse()
        print "EasyRAM.queryInventory() response: status=%s, reason=%s" % (response.status, response.reason)
        print "EasyRAM.queryInventory() response=%s" % response.read()
    except Exception, ss:
        print "EasyRAM.queryInventory() -> Error=%s" % ss

    return ''


The problem is that i receive the following error message:

Invalid request The parameter, params , was omitted from the request. Make sure to specify all required parameters, and try the request again.

Like the parameter isn't passed.

If I modify my snippet by wrapping my parameter (called params) into <string></string> in that way:

 xmlrpc_envelope = '<?xml version="1.0"?>'\

something happen, but isn't what I want; in fact my parameter result to be empty (or void, if you like).

Any ideas or suggestions?

PS.: I know that exists an xml-rpc library for python called xmlrpclib, but I have to develop in that way, because this is an example for client that can't use directly a library like that

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I just resolved.

If I add a function like this:

def escape(s, replace=string.replace):
s = replace(s, "&", "&amp;")
s = replace(s, "<", "&lt;")
return replace(s, ">", "&gt;",)

and before calling the connection method I do something like:

params = escape(params)

Then all goes well.

Hope that could be useful for future purposes

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