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I am using twitter api for posting. I want to know is there any method for changing the application name for example when i post it shows:

about 1 hour ago from web it should be converted to about 1 hour ago from myapplication name

Please guide me on this.

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Register a new application and then you may use OAuth to use on your site/application, and it should be pulled.

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If you authenticate using OAuth instead of basic authentication, it will show your application name in the source parameter without you having to go through an application process. They have discontinued that process now that OAuth is in place.

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Yes you can change it. But You have to submit an application to Twitter to approve and once it is approved you have to add your application name to the "source" parameter. Check Twitter api wiki link for more info about source parameter.

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They no longer use the application process. It's OAuth or nothing now. –  Jason Diller Aug 24 '09 at 14:38

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