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I've got a surfc plot, similar to this:

enter image description here

I want to manually set a custom viewpoint by panning and zooming with the MATLAB toolbar. After the suitable perspective is found, is it possible to store this viewpoint and apply it on other, similar plots? I want to create a plotsequence and therefore need a constant axis layout/ perspective.

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With the view command, you can query and set the current perspective, and with the xlim, ylim, and zlim command, you can query and set the current zoom.

For example

[az,el] = view; %# queries the perspective
view(az,el); %# sets the perspective

xl = xlim; %# queries the x-axis limits
xlim(xl); %# sets the x-axis limits

Alternatively, you can modify the XData, YData, ZData and possibly CData properties of your plot objects when you are updating plots in a sequence. This will be faster than recreating the figure, axes, and objects at each iteration.

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