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I want to download a file to SDCard with Android DownloadManager class:

Request request = new Request(Uri.parse(url));
request.setDestinationInExternalPublicDir(Environment.DIRECTORY_DOWNLOADS, filename); //set destination dir
long downloadId = downloader.enqueue(request);

But I always get download status=16(STATUS_FAILED), and reason=1008(ERROR_CANNOT_RESUME). I have already included android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE in the manifest.

When i commented out the

request.setDestinationInExternalPublicDir(Environment.DIRECTORY_DOWNLOADS, filename); 

and use the default download folder, it's OK. But I don't know where is the file goes, the localUri I get from the result is something like:


I don't know how to copy the file to SDCard.

What I want is download a file to SDCard. Could someone help? Thanks!

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1 Answer

Environment.getExternalStoragePublicDirectory(Environment.DIRECTORY_DOWNLOADS).toString() gives me /mnt/sdcard/downloads

And I'm able to use the downloaded file in onReceive (ACTION_DOWNLOAD_COMPLETE)

long downloadId = intent.getLongExtra(DownloadManager.EXTRA_DOWNLOAD_ID, 0);
Query query = new Query();
Cursor cur = dm.query(query);

if (cur.moveToFirst()) {
    int columnIndex = cur.getColumnIndex(DownloadManager.COLUMN_STATUS);
    if (DownloadManager.STATUS_SUCCESSFUL == cur.getInt(columnIndex)) {
        String uriString = cur.getString(cur.getColumnIndex(DownloadManager.COLUMN_LOCAL_URI));

        File mFile = new File(Uri.parse(uriString).getPath());

    } else {
        Toast.makeText(c, R.string.fail, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
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