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Im trying to calculate the bitrate from a video, but Im not sure if its correct.

I know that some of the formula is size divided with seconds on the movie. But shouldnt I calculate with the audio also ? Or how does it work. ?

exp. I have a video size 320X180 , video bitrate 220(kbps) Audio bitrare 128. What should the final bitrate be if the video is 10 minutes long (600s) and the size is 20mb (20480 kb)

Thanks in advance

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20480kB*8(bits per byte)/600s which gives you 273 kbps to work with. then you subtract out your audio rate... leaving you with 145kbps, not a whole lot for video rate. I would suggest looking at a lower rate for audio and upping video. you You may also need to drop the rate a little bit to take into account the container overhead.

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Hello. Thank you alot. Im creating a couple of different videos to test how the different bitrates works, and how low quality I can have without get disturbe by it :) Thanks you again –  Dymond Feb 8 '12 at 14:40
It depends on bitrate, quality required, video dimensions, and codec. You will have to decide for yourself. –  Mike Feb 8 '12 at 18:05

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