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I have a UIButton with 2 functions: tap, and long press. A bit like the Springboard app (home screen). I've implemented it as a UIButton with a UILongPressGestureRecognizer attached.

In some cases I need to disable the tap action which i do by setting enabled = NO on my button. But unfortunately this also disabled my gesture recogniser.

How do I disable the UIButton's standard behaviour while keeping the gesture recogniser attached to it active?

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UIButton is a sub-class of UIControl. Look at the various methods in UIControl.
You can specify specific methods to call for ControlEvents (such as ControlEventTouchUpInside a.k.a tap) and for UIEvents.

 - (void)sendAction:(SEL)action to:(id)target forEvent:(UIEvent *)event

 - (void)sendActionsForControlEvents:(UIControlEvents)controlEvents

You can remove actions for control events with:

 - (void)removeTarget:(id)target action:(SEL)action forControlEvents:(UIControlEvents)controlEvents

Or, depending on your conditions, you can just no-op inside the target/selector method that is called.

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You could remve the button's tap target and selector and then add it again when you need it. By setting enabled = NO; you are setting the UIControl's receivers to NO.

More Docs UIButton - Enabled

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