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I'm trying to configure my HTML5 Facebook Web application with no success.


  • I have secure and plain canvas configured at URL http(s)://
  • Name space is defined for canvas URL
  • Mobile URL is
  • Referral authentication is enabled in Auth Dialog settings

What works

  • Desktop Canvas integration (I get POST with signed_request parameter and can exchange that to access token)
  • Facebook connect. Business as usual.

What does not work

  1. FB iOS app 4.1 on iPhone 3Gs sends user to I understood from Referral Auth documentation that I would get URL parameter 'code' that I can exchange to access token. See
  2. FB iPad app on iPad v1 sends user to Also no 'code' parameter here.
  3. on iPhone Safari works like Case (1). I've seen it to redirect occasionally??
  4. on iPad Safari works like Case (2)

In all cases authentication dialog is not shown. This bug might be related:

What I expect to happen.

In all cases 1-4 mobile users are redirected to with 'code' parameter defined in URL. New user will see the authentication dialog before redirection as described here: and

Is there something wrong with by setup, or something that I don't understand here?

Basic Settings Basic Settings

Auth Dialog Settings Auth Dialog Settings

Advanced Settings 1/2 Advanced Settings 1/2

Advanced Settings 2/2 Advanced Settings 2/2

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