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I would like access to the page name from within a page. For example if the page was "somesite/contact" I would like to get "contact". If it was "somesite/signup" I would get "signup" etc.

Obviously I could strip this out of the pages URL using request.fullpath and some RegeX, but there must be a more object-oriented way of getting it?

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If you're in the view, call controller.action_name. If you're in the controller, simply call action_name. This assumes a RESTful design.

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If you have good control over your URLs (meaning if you know what is the type of what is gonna be at the end of the url), you can use the params hash, the :controller and :action key may interest you.

Otherwise I suggest splitting the request.fullpath on '/' and taking the last elem.

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Better to take request.path, because fullpath comes with query parameters. – denis.peplin Nov 10 '14 at 7:20

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