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I have example which is cached fine on chrome and displays video while offline.

When i try this example with android 3.2 and 4.x tablet, video will play only online, but not offline - although other elements like HTML file and background are present offline.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html manifest="example.appcache">
        <title>Hello Video!</title>
        body{ background: url('background.jpg');}
        <video width="855" height="480" controls="">
            <source src="railer.mp4"/>

And cache manifest example.appcache looks like:




Has anybody managed to get offline video caching working for android browsers via cache-manifest?

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Did you ever solve your problem? @alarmatwork –  Chris Mar 10 at 6:15

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I have tried to cache video (mp4 format) as well audio (mp3 format) files on Android 4.1.2 using its default browser as well as Chrome 27.0 but as you have mentioned in your post though it cached these elements it did not played the video and audio in the offline mode.

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