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Notice this post:

Auto-refresh echo

One solution was to do this:

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    }, 10000);

All this does is it talks to user_count.php to GET data. The .php file then sends that back to be printed out on the page. But say I wanted to also send data to the .php file for it to do stuff with. So like I defined two variables in the javascript code, then wanted the value of each variable to be sent to that php script for processing. What's the syntax for that?

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You can add it to the URL:


BTW - these are JavaScript variables, not "AJAX variables".

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ah how elegant! I'll give that a try. – user1197457 Feb 8 '12 at 15:08
that worked, although I bung my head a few times until figured out I forgot the jquery script include in the head section. – user1197457 Feb 8 '12 at 23:59

You can use .ajax(): http://jqapi.com/#p=jQuery.ajax

  url: "mypage.php",
  data: {
     foo: 1,
     bar: "blah"
  context: document.body,
  success: function(ret){
    alert("Anything your php script outputs will be returned to the ret variable");

You php file will then be able to use $_POST['foo'] and $_POST['bar'].

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A really simple solution to this would be to use $.param() and append it onto your URL:

        $('#refresh').load('user_count.php?'+ $.param({
            yourFirstVariable: 'foo', 
            anotherVariable: 'bar'
    }, 10000);

Where yourFirstVariable and anotherVariable are parameters for your php script.

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