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i want to make a 2D Point Light , in XNA, i was able to find some helpful information but is too advance for me , since i dont know nothing about Shaders


so my best aproximation is use a texture and use alpha blending, but im not happy with this result

so i was wondering, what is the most simple method to make a simple 2d point light?, if is there some Code examples, better

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The simplest method is a texture overlay or something. The other option is shaders. Read the tutorial you linked to again, it has plenty of code examples. –  thedaian Feb 8 '12 at 15:10
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You can see a great example of how to do simple 2d lighting using XNA here at Shawn Hargreave's blog:

"With multiplicative blending, I can draw a couple of rotated copies of this sprite over my scene. Note how the light isn't just drawn as white, but actually brightens up whatever scenery lies behind it:"

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