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I have a matrix that stores x, y and z values as so:

{x1, y1, z1},
{x2, y2, z2},
{x3, y3, z3},

I need to interpolate the data, and plot in on a 2d graph, with color representing the z value. (example)

Any ideas?


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Something like griddata might help you to interpolate:

x = vector(:,1);
y = vector(:,2);
z = vector(:,3);

% Settings
xres = 800; % Resolution, the higher, the smoother
yres = 800;         
cm = 'default'; % Colormap

% Axes Limits
xmin = min(x); 
ymin = min(y);
xmax = max(x); 
ymax = max(y); 
xi = linspace(xmin, xmax, xres);
yi = linspace(ymin, ymax, yres);

% Figure
myfig = figure('Position', [200 200 800 600]);

rotate3d off
[XI, YI] = meshgrid(xi, yi);
ZI = griddata(x, y, z, XI, YI, 'cubic');

than you just need to change the view of it to only display a certain plane for a fixed value of z

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In addition to @Alexandrew answer you can use newer and faster TriScatteredInterp class instead of GRIDDATA. For your exampe you can use 2D IMAGESC instead of 3D MESH.

%# insert the code from @Alexandrew answer to generate meshgrid
[XI, YI] = meshgrid(xi, yi);
TSI = TriScatteredInterp(x,y,z);

If your input matrix is a cell array, you can convert it to a numeric matrix with a = cell2mat(a);

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