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Crystal Report Viewer/Modifier will not run in VS2010 /.NET 4 Framework (not the other .NET User Framework)/64Bit Windows 7 Ultimate/Visual Studio Version: Visual Studio 2008 /Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate running concurrently

How I broke it:
I had a newer version of Crystal Reports on the machine after installing VS2010, but needed to install a homegrown software package that required an older version of Crystal, so I uninstalled the version of Crystal Reports that came with Visual Studio 2008 which allowed me to use the software, but broke the Crystal Reports Viewer in Visual Studio 2008 & 2010.

Attempted Fix:
I uninstalled the following (in this order): Visual Studio 2010, Crystal Reports VS2010, VS2008 SP1

Reinstalling the following (in this order): Visual Studio 2008 (Repaired), VS2008 SP1 (Install), Visual Studio 2010 (Install), Visual Studio 2010 SP1 (Install), Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 64 bit click once.

Result/Current Status:
I cannot see the crystal reports viewer in Visual Studio 2010 (works in VS2008). When I open a Crystal Report in VS2010, I get Hexadecimals only and no option (not in toolbox either) for the Crystal Report Viewer.

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