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I need a button-like control that has a checked property, so that when clicked it stays pressed. Something like the "Purge responses" button in the example image below.

How can I do this in CSS? I'm a CSS newbie. Can someone provide an example or point to one that is similar to this?

PS: I know that I need to use Javascript to update a boolean variable that holds the state of the button, and dynamically apply a style to the button. My problem is more like how to create a button that contains a checkbox , as I have only one image for background.

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and you cant use plain old html checkbox(input), why? – iblazevic Feb 8 '12 at 15:39

As for CSS you can do the following:

<style type='text/css'>
    /* this is the style of an unchecked "button" */
        padding:5px 8px;
    /* This is the style for a checked "button" */
    /* Hide the checkbox */
    .input-check input{

Next is the HTML. To reduce JavaScript coding, it's best to nest a checkbox inside a label. This will make it automatically handle the checking/unchecking of the checkbox when you click on the label.

<label class="input-check"><input onchange="change_state(this)" type="checkbox" value="something" name="test"/> click me </label>

Finally the JavaScript:

<script type="text/javascript">
    /* If you have more experience in JavaScript, I recommend not binding the change event this way, I didn't bother much about this part, since I guess it isn't part of the question */
    function change_state(obj){
        if (obj.checked){
            //if checkbox is being checked, add a "checked" class
            //else remove it

This is a jsFiddle for you to test.

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See the section here titled checkbox button. If I'm understanding your question correctly, that seems to do what you're after, maybe with a little modification.

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No CSS needed, if I understand what you want correctly

<button><input type="checkbox" /> Purge</button>

Then you'll likely need javascript to check and uncheck the box when the button is clicked, but the above is the basic idea.

Here's with a bit of quick js

<script type="text/javascript">
function check() {
    var c = document.getElementById('check') ;

    c.checked = (c.checked) ? false : true ;
    <button onclick="check()"><input type="checkbox" id="check" /> Purge</button>
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Why don't you just style a checkbox to look like a button?

Then you can use the :checked CSS psudeo selector to style it the way you want without adding classes through javascript.

Here's an elaborate example in CodePen:

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