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I've worked on a python project for GoogleAppEngine and I'm testing it locally using the GoogleAppLauncher and every thing is good till now. But lately I needed to test it on my iPad so I need to enable web sharing on my Mac book and use the local Apache server which I couldn't figure out how, so could please help me with any tutorial or any suggestions to accomplish this. And to clarify more I've the following url: http://localhost:8095/?title=XYZ which gets me some results about the given title when it gets called locally if the associated python application is run using GoogleApplicationLauncher I need to use this URL on my iPad to get me the same results by sharing the web on my Mac book.

Sorry for the poor description, but I couldn't make more clear. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and many thanks in advance.

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When you go to Launch Settings of your app and insert --address= into the Extra Flags field, you should then be able to access the app from your iPad ( stands for "any interface"). Just make sure that that your firewall isn't blocking the connection.

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Might also need to forward port 8095 to your Macbook, assuming you're living behind a router. –  Daniel Roseman Feb 8 '12 at 16:01

why aren't you accessing the app from the the devices local ip address? something like:

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