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  • dc=mucompany,dc=com
    • ou=moodlegroups
    • ou=moodleusers
      • ou=Students
      • mail=student1@mail.com
        • courseCertificate=Type1
        • courseCertificate=Type2
        • courseCertificate=Type3
      • mail=student2@mail.com
        • courseCertificate=Type1
        • courseCertificate=Type2
        • courseCertificate=Type3

the mail=student1@gmail.com entry has the mail as RDN and a bunch of other attributes(cn,sn...also custom attributes) and has like childrens the CourseCertificate=value entres also containing bunch of other attributes(courseCertificateRunning=TRUE,courseCertificateEnding=20120210,...)

I need to make a query that searchs for (&(sn=Brad)(courseRunning=TRUE)) that returns all the attributes of the parent entry and of the child entry that satisfy the filter... Is this possible with one ldapsearch?

Any help it will means a lot to me, thanks in advance.

P.S. I'm using openldap 2.4, i try to do the queres using AD Studio

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LDAP search filters are evaluated against each individual entry, to decide if it must be returned or not. They are not evaluated against a hierarchy of entries.

Kind regards, Ludo

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Thanks Ludovic, do you have some suggestion on how to resolve my problem? is it possible doing two searches? can it be done maybe using some special ldap attribute? i realy need to find some solution for this. thanks again:) –  slika kkkkkkk Feb 10 '12 at 12:11

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