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I'm currently using the TinyMCE Styleselect menu to add CSS classes into the WordPress editor. This has worked OK for me so far and is great if you only have a few classes that you want to use. When I have added more classes however, the styleselect dropdown becomes a little un-user friendly as you have to scroll through the options which can also make the page scroll also.

The solution I want to implement involves a button in the tinymce toolbar that when clicked will open a popup window, from which you can select a class to apply to the selected text in the editor.

I know how to add custom buttons to tinymce and create the popup window but how do I make the buttons that add the class actually apply the class to the the selection?

Anybody any ideas of the code I need to use to do this or a tutorial detailing the above would be great.

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I am not entirely certain this is correct, but I think that if you want to go beyond customizing TinyMCE via the hooks provided by WordPress you will have to go through TinyMCE itself. Consequently this is probably more of a TinyMCE question, than it is a WordPress question. I suggest you check out the TinyMCE plugin documentation.

However, once you have your plugin ready there might be a bit of an issue getting WordPress to load it. I'd definitely try to avoid manually placing it inside wp-includes like the rest of TinyMCE, but it seems WordPress does actually provide a way of loading external plugins.

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