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I'm working on a website which handles large amounts of data. I have got a requirement to implement functionality to validate excel data uploaded by USER and show up the summary of results. I am currently using two pages one for User Input and another for Summary.

This whole process is taking 30 seconds so i wanted to display a progress bar for user notification while operation taking place .

*Question1 : If i dsiplay progress bar and do all background validation/operations in first page and later just show the results in seconds page What technique should i use(Sessions, cache object..) to pass data(collection object) from page to another. The Collection object can contain as many as 5000 and more records *

*Question2 : How do i display a progress bar when user clicks a button on same page *

Thank you

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In a 2-part MSDN Magazine series starting with the December 2011 issue, Dino Esposito wrote A Context-Sensitive Progress Bar for ASP.NET MVC. This looks pretty comprehensive. It might give you some ideas.

Part 1 Part 2

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