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i want to simulate a supermarket with arena to find the proper number of cashiers which market needs. i want to start simulation with 1 cashier then increase the number of cashiers in next simulations, until the utilization of cashiers be less than 70% .

each cashier is a "resource module" and has a "process module" for it's service time.

am i make a separate model for each different number of cashier(for example a model for a supermarket with 1 cashier, another model for a supermarket with 2 cashiers and so on) or is there a better way?

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It's a little more advance but it sounds like Arena's Process Analyzer would help you determine the number of cashiers needed.

  • The Process Analyzer assists in the evaluation of alternatives presented by the execution of different simulation model scenarios. This is useful to simulation model developers, as well as decision- makers
  • The Process Analyzer is focused at post-model development comparison of models. The role of the Process Analyzer then is to allow for comparison of the outputs from validated models based on different model inputs.

via pelincec.isep.pw.edu.pl/doc/Simulation_Warsaw%20Part%205.pdf

A Google search for Arena Process Analyzer provides plenty of lecture notes, book references and examples: https://www.google.com/search?q=arena+process+analyzer

Also, it sounds like this model isn't very complicated so, although it may be tedious, it'll probably be quicker to alter your model and run n simulations for each solution {1 cashier, 2 cashiers, ...}.

Also, if the model is indeed pretty simple, why not create multiple independent models in the same simulation file. For instance, one simulation file has three independent models of 1, 2 and 3 cashiers. The next has 4, 5 and 6 cashiers and so on. This would consolidate the statistics a little more and make analysis easier.

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If he believes that utilization will be monotonically decreasing with increased # of servers, then manually altering the model to run {1 cashier, 2, ...} is almost certainly the easiest way to solve this. –  gwt Feb 12 '12 at 4:01

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