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I need to make AJAX calls to a webpage from my phonegap app.

For Android I needed to add the page in phonegap.xml.

For iPhone I also added an ExternalHosts in phonegap.plist.

Where do I have to add my webpage for windows phones?

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Whitelisting is currently not supported for WP7. See this related question:

What is the state of whitelisting in phonegap 1.3.0?

However, the WP7 PhoneGap implementation already has a JavaScript shim for XHR requests to files within local storage, so I am assuming that a whitelist is possible and will come in time.

Why not add it to JIRA for PhoneGap (Callback / Cordova!)


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So I can't make AJAX calls? Is there a workaround? –  PiTheNumber Feb 8 '12 at 16:51
You can, if the service you are calling supports JSONP. –  ColinE Feb 8 '12 at 18:01

There is a issue on Callback 1.4.1, use this fix to make xhr reqs work:


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There is a work a round for this in my follow up question. Andrei Schneider wrote a native cross domain call. See:

Workaround for missing whitelist in phonegap for windows phone

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