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I'm using JavaScript to submit a form that I make from scratch. The code below works in Chrome, but not in Firefox or IE. How can I make and submit a form and have it work across 'all' browsers?

function someFunction(){
    var SomeForm = document.createElement("form");

    SomeForm.action = "<%=link("direct", "WorkspaceDisplay") %>"; // assume this URL is valid (it is).
    SomeForm.method = "post";
    SomeForm.target = "_top";

//EDIT: Added this function to the question just so there's less mystery (not because it matters, really)
function addInputFieldToForm(elementName, elementValue, theForm) {
    var inputElement = document.createElement("input");
    inputElement.name = elementName;
    inputElement.value = elementValue;
    inputElement.id = elementName;
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What does "addInputFieldToForm" do? That would probably be the code of interest. What you're trying to do is pretty common and not browser-sensitive, or at least it shouldn't be. –  Pointy Feb 8 '12 at 16:25
are you using any js framework? you should if you want to create cross-browser compatible form from scratch. anyway, what exactly doesn't work? can you provide any error msgs from firebug? –  maialithar Feb 8 '12 at 16:25
The "doesn't work" part is just that the form doesn't post. The server logs didn't move. The JavaScript apparently was running, but "SomeForm.sumbit();" didn't submit the form. The problem was addressed in Rob W's answer, below. –  Dale Feb 9 '12 at 16:19
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You have to append the form to the document before it can be submitted.
If you don't want to change the UI, you can apply a style to the form.

var SomeForm = document.createElement("form");
SomeForm.style.display = "none";             // <-- Invisible form
document.body.appendChild(SomeForm);         // <-- Append <form> to body
// Rest of code ...

Side note: You're using SomeForm as a variable name. It's a perfectly valid JavaScript variable, but agaist the conventions. Camel-cased variables should only be used to name constructors, e.g. Array, Object, MyClass.

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Thanks Rob W, worked like a charm! –  Dale Feb 8 '12 at 17:33
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