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I have one main site with many subsites. Each subsite is basically a department within the organization. I have a time card infopath form (with workflow) that everyone in the organization needs to fill out. However, I want keep the form so that each department can only see within their own unit. I know I can create a form library within each subsite, but that would make it a maintenance nightmare. I just want to create the form under the main site and create links within each subsite. When a user click on the link, it will take them to the central repository but I filter by the department or permissions? I believe you can set some sort of permission that each department can view their own? user roles for the form?
Can someone point me to the right path?


Environment: SP2010,Sql server 2008, Office 2010

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After searching and searching,

One option if security is not a concern is just to use a custom view with filtering by Department and created by = [Me] or just simply by Department.

or if security is a concern:

technet q/a

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