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I've got a RoR project in the works. Here are the applicable sections of my models.


has_many :communities, :through => :availabilities
has_many :availabilities, :order => "price ASC"


has_many :homes, :through => :availabilities
has_many :availabilities


belongs_to :home
belongs_to :community

The "availabilities" table in the database has the additional data column "price"

So now I can call

@home.availabilities.each do |a|

and get back the availabilities data ordered by price as I want. My question is this:

Is there a way to automatically order Homes by avaliabilities.first.price (first = lowest)? Maybe something with default_scope :order?

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Figured it out with help from this related post.

I moved the ordering out of the Home model and into the Availability model:


default_scope :order => "price ASC"

Then I eager loaded availabilities into the Home model and sorted by price:


default_scope :include => :availabilities, :order => "availabilities.price ASC"
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