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I am working with a partner site to embed a form onto my site where users can login to a portal. The portal developer has granted me access to a web-login service in order for me to pass variables from my site to his.

This is the information given How can I make this work in PHP, I have a form with a checkbox, and username and password but don't quite know how to make it pass variables I am not seeing any connection on my end. And I don't know how to set it up where they are redirected to a page on my site when the reset their password any ideas?

I have done this before using a WordPress login and adding it to my main site so I know most of the basics to make it work but what I have applied so far has not worked for me. I guess I need a little nudge in the right direction to get the brain working again.

Thanks in advance.

From the Developer

I am working on a web login service that you could use and have enough done that I can 
send you the requirements.

Form Post URL: http://portal.blank.com/services/formlogin.cfm
Form variables:
portallogin - can be any value if present the following form variables are required:

errorurl - URL to be redirected to if an error occured. There will be an "error" url variable present with a human readable error string.
portalurl - (optional) URL to be redirected to if successfully logged in. if not present will be redirected to http://portal.blank.com
username - username of user
password - password of user
agreeterms - can be any value just needs to be present to authenticate

fogotpassword - can be any value if present will lookup password based on email address and password will be emailed
email - email address associated with user
returnurl - URL to be redirected to after running password lookup
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An easy method would be to use Snoopy, a PHP class. A harder method (but no less effective) would be to use PHP's cURL functions to post your data to the form. This is assuming you're trying to keep your link to your partner's site hidden from your users.

Alternatively, you could just make a simple HTML form and set the form action to "http://portal.blank.com/services/formlogin.cfm" if you don't care that your users know you're authenticating them against some other site. I'd use https if available.

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