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Below is my code for Linux. I am implementing a client/server application and below is the server .cpp file.

int main()
 int serverFd, clientFd, serverLen, clientLen;
struct sockaddr_un serverAddress;/* Server address */
struct sockaddr_un clientAddress; /* Client address */
struct sockaddr* serverSockAddrPtr; /* Ptr to server address */
struct sockaddr* clientSockAddrPtr; /* Ptr to client address */

/* Ignore death-of-child signals to prevent zombies */
signal (SIGCHLD, SIG_IGN);

serverSockAddrPtr = (struct sockaddr*) &serverAddress;
serverLen = sizeof (serverAddress);

clientSockAddrPtr = (struct sockaddr*) &clientAddress;
clientLen = sizeof (clientAddress);

/* Create a socket, bidirectional, default protocol */
serverAddress.sun_family = AF_LOCAL; /* Set domain type */
strcpy (serverAddress.sun_path, "css"); /* Set name */
unlink ("css"); /* Remove file if it already exists */
bind (serverFd, serverSockAddrPtr, serverLen); /* Create file */
listen (serverFd, 5); /* Maximum pending connection length */   


while (1) /* Loop forever */
    /* Accept a client connection */
    clientFd = accept (serverFd, clientSockAddrPtr, &clientLen);

    if (fork () == 0) /* Create child to send recipe */
        printf ("");
    printf ("\nRunner server program. . .\n\n");
    printf ("Country Directory Server Started!\n");

        close (clientFd); /* Close the socket */
        exit (/* EXIT_SUCCESS */ 0); /* Terminate */
      close (clientFd); /* Close the client descriptor */


When i tried to compile it displays an error message which shows.

 server.cpp:237:67: error: invalid conversion from ‘int*’ to ‘socklen_t*’
server.cpp:237:67: error:   initializing argument 3 of ‘int accept(int, sockaddr*, socklen_t*)’

It points to this line

clientFd = accept (serverFd, clientSockAddrPtr, &clientLen);

I do not actually know how to solve this problem. Thanks in advance to those who helped! :)

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Define clientLen as socklen_t:

socklen_t clientLen;

instead of

int clientLen;
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clientFd = accept (serverFd, clientSockAddrPtr, &clientLen);

clientFd = accept (serverFd, clientSockAddrPtr,(socklen_t*)&clientLen); <<--- fix

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