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Good day all,

I have a folder called documents in my site root, this is password protected by a .htpasswd file, but it is allowed to be accessed by a script to view.

how would I allow a script to be able to download the file without accessing it directly from the directory?

I'll give an example to explain the situation.

on my home page I display the picture test.jpg, this image is in the documents folder that is protected. The image displays correctly on the home page.

If type in the address bar www.domain.com/documents/test.jpg it does not display or downloads, but asks for a password.(this I want, but don’t want people to type in a password for each file they want to download)

Is there a way that I can make php or JavaScript download the document without ever having to prompt for a password? Other words bypass the .htaccess rule?

thanx in advance

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The htaccess is processed before any PHP is, so bypassing it is not an option. –  Barry Chapman Feb 8 '12 at 19:18

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I've retagged adding PHP and Javascript. There is nothing stopping you writing a remapper PHP script which is outside the documents folder and therefore accessible without Apache authentication. This could issue a readfile() to send the file (see the document example and user contributions for a more detailed explanation. Since this is a server-side script, it will have direct access to the protected directory.

Of course you might want to implement some form of access control, say appending a request parameter check which is based on the md5 of the filename plus a shared secret. This would be easy to compute in the calling script. However, once you move such access negotiation to a client-side script you need to accept that this could be retro-engineered and exploited by any experienced hacker.

As a footnote, if you want to allow users to download your images, why are locating them in an access controlled directory. Why not just move them out of this directory?

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As Barry said, the .htaccess is processed before any PHP is, so bypassing it is not an option. You will have to either change the .htaccess configuration or write a remapper PHP script.

I suggest changing the .htaccess configuration to allow direct download links but deny directory listing. This will allow people to download direct links such as http://www.example.com/documents/some-file-name.ext without being prompted for a password, but they will have to know the link ahead of time - they won't be able to view the /documents/ folder to see everything in there.

You can do this by commenting out or removing the Auth directives:

#AuthUserFile /path/to/.htpassword
#AuthName "Name"
#AuthType Basic
#Require Valid-User

And adding a directive to block directory listing:

Options -Indexes
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