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I have to add 200 markers on my arcgis map, however, I would like to label those markers with Pins having numbers in them. I was able to take Google's help in creating a numerical icon on the fly, but is it possible to achieve the same in ArcGis and without the use of Google or Bing Maps?

An Example of a numerical icon on the fly would be:|ff776b|ff776b


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Does it have to be identical to Google's? Can you use one of the markers that comes with ArcGIS instead? – Brad Feb 8 '12 at 21:55

Yes, you can create stacked labels with the default label manager in ArcGIS. Although, like most other things in Arc it takes way too many steps to accomplish this.

  1. Right-click on the layer in the Table of Contents > Properties > Labels.
  2. Change the Label's Text sting to OBJECTID, FID, or any other attribute in your feature class that has a unique identifier (this is where the numbers will come from).
  3. Next click on the Symbol > Edit Symbol > Advanced Text > Check Text Background and click Properties.
  4. From the Properties window change the Type to Marker Text Background.
  5. Click the Symbol button to change the background to a shape that meets your needs.
  6. Click OK on all of the windows to get you back to your map.
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