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I am looking for an automated test framework for testing a system with the following characteristics:

 1. Non-GUI System
 2. Has backend nodes running on multiple Linux/Unix hosts
 3. Has remotely executing processes against which we must test
 4. Results in a lot of DB access.

The testing performed is system/integration/acceptance testing, not unit testing. Am language agnostic with respect to the framework. Any language/technology, as long as the system fits the bill, is welcome (although python will be preferred :) ).

an example scenario: I want to compare two versions of a product functionally.

    1. V1 will run on machine 1. The results will be written to database X
    2. V2 will run on machine 2. The results will be written to database Y
    3. The table structures of V1 & V2 are very different but logically same.
    4. Same data will be pushed to machine 1 & machine 2
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Is this a Service Oriented Architecture? Do you have an API or APIs through which you can test? Trying to get a handle on the architecture and what the problem you are trying to solve. – Jordan Dea-Mattson Feb 8 '12 at 17:17
Its not a service oriented architecture. It has multithreaded processes like that of backend of Banking, Telecom sector. – Sudeep Feb 8 '12 at 17:26

Try Pysys:

We use it where I work for system testing and it's pretty good. Very flexible.

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