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Android SDK has an interface in TouchEvent. (android.view.View.OnTouchListener) I don't know why the following line fails. (and Eclipse notices error at OnTouchListener)

public class TouchHandler extends OnTouchListener{

And it works if change to:

public interface TouchHandler extends OnTouchListener{

It means that I cannot create a class that extends OnTouchListener. Can somebody explain why?

thanks :)

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You should use TouchHandler implements OnTouchListener

extending an interface is only possible when defining an interface (ie:extending a contract) implementing an interface is the java way to have a class provide code for methods of an interface. (ie: defining how the contract is handled)

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public class TouchHandler implements OnTouchListener{   

It is Java's way of playing with interface. Go through this link, it will help you to clear your confusion.
Few points to clear you confusion
1. A class should/can implement interface.
2. A interface can extend other interface.

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Instead of

public class TouchHandler extends OnTouchListener{

use implements

public class TouchHandler implements OnTouchListener{
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OnTouchListener is an interface and therefore should be implemented, not extended. You want to implement OnTouchListener by saying:

public class TouchHandler implements OnTouchListener{}
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only an interface can extend other interfaces

public interface B {}
public interface C extends B {}

if you want to use the interface for your class, use implements

public class A implements C {}
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