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How do I find out which executables or processes are using my shared library objects in a Unix environment, specifically the AIX environment. Is there any command for it?

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In linux, you would:

for i in /usr/bin /bin /usr/local/bin /sbin /...; do
  # edit: bug fix to display which filename has the library
  # the egrep component will extract line with your library
  # or line with ":::", which contains name of the binary
  find /usr/bin -printf '::: %p\n' -exec ldd \{\} \; | egrep 'your lib. name|:::'

The ldd package for AIX can be found as described here

To check running processes, you could: lsof | grep 'your library name'. How to obtain lsof for AIX can be found here

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Not sure if it will help, but maybe you could lsof.

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fuser might be what you want.

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In Solaris Open or otherwise:

For example; some of the output supressed...

mybox@myplace02:~$ pldd `pgrep pidgin `
5451: pidgin

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