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How can I get movie details from Amazon API ("Product Advertising API"?) using JavaScript, $.ajax(), and RESTfull calls?

Example: I'd like to get the reviews & # of people who reviewed any given movie, e.g., 4.6 out of 5 rating for movie Valentines Day, from 3,450 users who rated it.

  1. How do I search for movies given a title
  2. How do I just provide an "amazon movie id" and get the details from that?
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You can only call the API directly from client side if the Amazon API supports JSON-P encoded replies.

If they do, you simply set up an Ajax request like this

 url : "the url";
 dataType : jsonp
 success : function(data){}

If they do not support JSON-P, you will have to make the ajax request to your own server side script, which will then make a cURL request to the API, get the data and pass it back to your client side code.

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thanks xbonez. I'm actually looking to see if anyone has actually done this, using the amazon api before. –  Ian Davis Feb 8 '12 at 19:16

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