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I was thinking to implement fetching of data with ajax request on click of a link. I know how to work with $.ajax and other xhr request methods. I wanted to know some infromation on the following case. I went to and then I clicked "Find Friends" I noticed the url changed to and the data in the right hand side was refreshed(without postback) and my friends were loaded. The strange thing I noticed was that no XHR request was logged (I was looking with FireBug console) which I expected to be. How does FB do that with any XHR request? Does FB uses Iframe for it, if not, then how does it refreshes a section of page with fresh data without postback without some XHR request (in this case).

How client can call server's data without postback, without iframe and without some ajax call?

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Facebook uses invisible iFrames.

Here's the content of one of them:

<span id="fbEmuTrackingSuccess">Success</span>

The source is a URL full of params. So I guess it's sending all its Ajax requests by changing the iframe URL, performing the callback when the iFrame is loaded, based on the content of the iFrame's body.

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I do not know how Facebook does it, but it can be done by dynamically loading a script element. For example:

function getFriend(id) {
    var newScript = document.createElement("script");
    newScript.src = "" + id;

And get_friend.php returns:

document.getElementById("friend_box").innerHTML = "Your friend's details";
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How will I get "Your friend's details"; in above example? – Rocky Singh Feb 8 '12 at 18:02

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