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Can anyone explain to me why the following doesn't work:

Assuming the following document structure:

   "_id": "520fb089a6cb538b1843cdf3cca39a15",
   "_rev": "2-f96c27d19bf6cb10268d6d1c34799931",
   "type": "nosql",
   "location": "AZ",
   "date": "2012/03/01 00:00:00",
   "amount": 1500

And a Map function defined like so:

function(doc) {
  var saleDate = new Date(doc.date);

And using the built in _sum function for the reducer.

When you execute this (with group=true) you get results like this:


Now if you change the query to something like this:

You get results like this:


So with that in mind if I wanted to find out all sales in 2011 for "WA" could I not execute something like this:["WA",2011]

This example has been taken from the useful videos over at NoSQL tapes.


Any help and advice would be great thanks?


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You always need to give a range of keys, because filtering is done on map's results, not on reduce.

For example, the following parameters should work (if properly url-encoded):


You can read about view collation to understand how it works.

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Yep that worked and makes more sense now. Thanks for the link to the ViewCollation guide also. –  eggsy84 Feb 8 '12 at 20:44
I was assuming it was done from the results of the Reduce stage but now understand that its done from the results from the Map function. Thanks for the help :) –  eggsy84 Feb 8 '12 at 20:50

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