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How can you use substr_count to count each element in an array's occurance in another array?

i.e. $urls = array (

$names = array (
'rex kum',
'tony blair', 

so if i wanted to use substr_count to count the occurance of the name rex kumi on the sun webpage, how would this work?

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If you're going to do this a lot I'd put it in a function but:

 foreach($names as $name)
       foreach($urls as $url)
           print "Count for $name and $url is: " . substr_count($url, $name);

The question that you asked (counting the instances of one array in another array) is different from what you actually asked (count the instances of one array, on a web site). You actually want a combination of my answer and the answer mentioned where you load the contents of the website. (Use nested foreach loops)

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It looks you're missing the php basics, but what the hack. You'll use function nested foreach loop:

$results = array();
foreach( $urls as $url){
    foreach( $names as $key => $name){
        if( !isset( $results[$key])){
           $results[$key] = 0; // you better initialize elements in separate foreach loop

        // Strtolower because name may be capitalized, uppercased and so on
        $content = strtolower( file_get_contents( $url));
        $results[$key] += substr_count( $content, strtolower( $name));
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