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calling a stored procedure as

int pageNumber = 1;
int pageSize = 4;
SubSonic.StoredProcedure sp = SPs.UspListPlants(pageNumber, pageSize);
string result = sp.GetReader();

The sp work fine, but trying

foreach (SubSonic.StoredProcedure.Parameter param in sp.Parameters)
          sb.Append("'" + param.Name + "' = ");

I have zero parameters count.

How to print on log parameter's values of sql stmt executed as :

EXEC UspListPlants(pageNumber = 1, pageSize = 4)

Thank's, regards


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Does sp.Parameters actually implement IEnumerable? If not then foreach won't work and you need to call something like a GetEnumerator method on sp.Parameters to be able to iterate over it.

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Yes, it implement IEnumerable. Sorry, It's not the problem. Thank for reply. –  Claudio May 28 '09 at 9:29

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