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I want to draw a red box with values inside it (like a watermark) into another window's form. How can i achieve this? It's for debugging purposes, and the framework I'm developing on is unable to use Console.write() so i thought of this.

Thanks !

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By rectangle, do you mean a Textbox that is not inside your application (like writing into another application textbox? – Patrick Desjardins Feb 8 '12 at 18:40
no more like a pixel overlay, that i can draw stuff onto. Like some sort of watermark – Dr.Denis McCracleJizz Feb 8 '12 at 18:48
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As Mithrandir says, System.Diagnostics.Debug is probably a better bet. Or a debugger.

If you really want to "annotate" another window by drawing further information on it, it's easier to create a transparent, captionless, borderless, always-on-top window, draw the information on that and place it over the target window. This gives the same effect without interfering with the original window.

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Try using System.Diagnostics.Debug. That what it's for.

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I thought "into another windows form" was clear enough. – Dr.Denis McCracleJizz Feb 8 '12 at 19:00
@user758164 : I thought "Console.write()" was clear enough! – Mithrandir Feb 8 '12 at 19:02

Let's say your original form is "Form1" and another is "FormAnother".

Form another should have a public Label or TextBox.

Then you'd simply do something in this style:

private void DebugAnotherForm(string msg) {
  var form = new FormAnother();

  form.myPublicLabel.ForeColor = Colors.Red;
  form.myPublicLabel.Text = msg;
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