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I am trying to select the first element in a set of resulting nodes after executing an xpath query.

When I do this:


I get the following result set:

[<dl>​…​</dl>​, <dl>​…​</dl>​]

How can I get the first one? Neither of these work:


I am executing this in Chrome's Web Inspector.

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Use the following:


The parentheses are significant. You want the first node that results from //dl (not the set of dl elements that are the first child of their parent (which is what //dl[1] (no parens) returns)).

This is easier to see when one realizes that // is shorthand for (i.e. expands fully to) /descendant-or-self::node()/ so that //dl[1] is equivalent to:


...which is more obviously not what you want. Instead, you're looking for:

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i didn't know that was possible. what other examples are there that i can do with (//dl) ? –  tipu Feb 8 '12 at 18:59
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