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I am brand new to spring and I am trying to write my first spring application.

I have set up a DOA class that accesses the DB and pulls a list of values. I would like to reference those values in a bean definition.

For Example: I have DAO class called "JdbcDataDAO" that contains a method getValues() - I would like to reference the values in a standalone list in my bean definitions

Here is what I have:

<bean id="dataDAO" class="dao.impl.JdbcDataDAO">
  <property name="dataSource" ref="dataSource"/>

<util:list id="myList" list-class="java.util.List">

But when I retrieve the bean "myList", it contains "#{dataDAO.values}" and not the values

Any help would be appreciated - Thanks

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I dont want to put a list in a list. I want to create a singleton list of values that is drawn from the db, instead of hardcoding the values in the file. I then want to give that list an ID, so I can reference it in other beans –  Jeffrey Feb 10 '12 at 16:43

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Note sure if you can do this with SpEL. And it doesn't look good anyway - you are mixing infrastructure/configuration with business logic.

You can have a factory-bean or a @Configuration class with @Bean methods where you can inject the DAO and programatically populate the list.

You can also have a BeanPostProcessor that takes all List beans an fills them with whatever you want.

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